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Chronic Back and Neck Pain

For anyone suffering from Chronic Pain, I know, I am one of that number and for those of you that do not suffer from constant and nagging pain, please spare a thought for this people who may not look ill, or who do not ask for help because they still have pride, believe me Chronic Pain is really a Pain in The *****, in fact this pain can be anywhere from the neck down to the toes causing all manner of problems. I have picked out a few videos which cover different areas and conditions which may be relevant to some of you.

Check the first one out here:

For some people just like myself, Pills and Tablets only do so much, the rest is either exercise, providing you don’t do too much and the other option is to lay back and do pretty much nothing as I have had to do many times in the past.

When you are on opioids you are in danger of taking too much that you cannot think straight or you are constantly falling asleep. This is a troubling hazard for many especially those who have to drive, I myself have a;most fallen asleep and gone headlong into a Bus coming the opposite way. It’s so bad that I rarely go out much more than 30 minutes without having someone beside me just in case.

I have placed a couple of videos below that may help you in certain circumstances. I hope that they work for you.

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